In our rental you will find many vehicles such as bicycles, professional mountain bikes, Quads, Scooter, motorcycle and several cars.

In our offices in Campo nell'Elba, one is located in the Towncenter and another can be found near the airport, which is also the gas station. Our experienced and friendly staff likes to advise you.

A vehicle rent means to live in freedom and explore every untouched corner of Elba Island. With a vehicle you get comfortable and fast to any place you choose and not have to concentrate on the bus timetable. You can forget also embark on the ferry, you can relaxed enter by foot.


rent auto elba rent auto elba

Renting a car is the ideal way if you are several people, like family or a group of friends on holiday on Elba Island. Ideal for trips to the beach and to explore the nightlife in the various villages. With a car you can visit any location on Elba Island. The roads are quite challenging because you have rich turns and many ups and downs.


rent scooter elba rent scooter elba

The scooter is the most popular Vehicle to move on Elba. The Scooter is practical and fast, because in summer it is difficult to find a parking spot. Scooters are available with different engines and can be driven with a simple car driving licence. Do not waste time looking for parking in front of supermarkets and get you quickly to the hidden coves that are usually difficult to access.


rent byke elba

Elba is a place that is wonderful to run outdoors sports such as mountain biking. With us you can rent mountain bikes and city bikes. Which you can move easily and quickly.

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